Yeah, I think maybe you do. Which one’s your pop? Wrecked? When did this happen and- Hey McFly, what do you think you’re doing. He’s alright.

Hi. This Saturday night, mostly clear, with some scattered clouds. Lows in the upper forties. You can’t, uh, that is, uh, nobody’s home. Welcome to my latest experiment. It’s the one I’ve been waiting for all my life. One point twenty-one gigawatts. One point twenty-one gigawatts. Great Scott.

What the hell is a gigawatt? He’s a peeping tom. Dad. Well yeah, you know we have two of them. Now, of course not, Biff, now, I wouldn’t want that to happen. Well, you mean, it makes perfect sense.

David, watch your mouth. You come here and kiss your mother before you go, come here. Lorraine, are you up there? This is more serious than I thought. Apparently your mother is amorously infatuated with you instead of your father. Alright, take it up, go. Doc. He’s your brother, Mom.

Hey, George, buddy, you weren’t at school, what have you been doing all day? Huh? The car, Dad, I mean He wrecked it, totaled it. I needed that car tomorrow night, Dad, I mean do you have any idea how important this was, do you have any clue? Okay Doc, this is it. Great Scott. Let me see that photograph again of your brother. Just as I thought, this proves my theory, look at your brother.

About 30 years, it’s a nice round number. Alright, punk, now- You’ll find out in thirty years. So you’re my Uncle Joey. Better get used to these bars, kid. Doc, Doc, it’s me, Marty.

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